How to Create a dev sonar environment parallel to production for developer edition?

Hi All
I have a production sonarqube environment (8.9 version) which is up and running with developer edition on AWS ec2 instance. Currently i want to create a dev/staging environment where i can attempt testing like upgrade before attempting on production.
I read that as the current environment uses port 9000 and i need to used port 9001 for a new sonarqube. Here are the following questions i have

  1. I spinned up the new ec2 using the production ec2 AMI so that can i just change the port to 9001 and try starting sonarqube ?
  2. Should I configure the DNS record for the dev soanrqube for the company records ?
  3. Need a confirmation if i can use the port 9001 and change the security groups in aws accordingly?
  4. If all the process, can i use a new of the sonarqube postgreSQL from the production backup snapshot and use it for the dev sonar server?

Thank you

Hey there.

If you’re running two SonarQube servers on same machine (same IP address), you’ll need to adjust the ports (both sonar.web.port and

Sounds like a good idea.

Sounds like a good idea.

Yes – the idea would be to take a copy of your Postgres database (normal pg_dump and pg_restore) and start your new SonarQube instance against the copy of the database