How to configure Service connections for locally installed Sonar cloud

My Infra on Azure and using Azure Devops for CI CD, I need to run code analysis from build pipeline but we are using locally install SonarCloud how can I create service connection for locally running SonatCloud

Hi @skull-Atul

Local SonarCloud doesn’t exist, did you mean SonarQube ?

Your instance should be reachable from your Azure DevOps organization/instance, either by an IP address or a hostname, otherwise you won’t be able to connect it.

Service connection menu is on your project settings -> Service Connections.


HI Mickael,

Thanks for your reply!! It was my bad SonarQube not cloud.

Regarding the service connection when I trying to create the service connection getting an error attached error while verifying the token.

Instance is reachable form Devops. Where i need to define the sonarqube URL or IP of server to verify the Sonarcloud token from that URL instead of


You need to use the extension for SonarQube then, you’ll be able to specify your SonarQube endpoint in a Hostname field.


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