How to change my primary email in my Sonar Community profile?


I don’t know if I am on the right category but I would like to change my primary email in my profile.
Is there a way to do it ?

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Grég,

Good question!
I know this is possible for other communities using the same platform (i.e. jenkins …)

Normally this would be possible via$userid/preferences/account
Seems it is deactivated by Sonarsource community administration.


Hi guys,

We’re looking into this.

Out of curiosity Greg, would you mind sharing why you want to change it? (I have guesses, but getting it from you is better.)


Hi Ann,

i see a lot of possible reasons, think of
your email provider changes its terms of use and therefore you do not want to use it anymore
your email provider discontinues its services
you are using a mail account of your internet provider and you are changing the provider
you change the company
… etc.


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Hello @ganncamp,

My situation is the following:

  • I used the Google social login (bound to my company domain) to create my account with my first email
  • For some reasons, my company decided to change its domain name
  • Now, when I log in with my social login, I use the other email address (the old one does not exists anymore)

And now the situation is that I do not receive the email from the community when I have an answer to my mail…

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Thanks for sharing your situation and for your patience with this situation.

After some digging, it looks like this was turned off by mistake. I’ve turned it back on, so you should now have the ability to edit your primary email address (again).


Hello @ganncamp ,

Thanks for the answer.
Everything is fine now :slight_smile:


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