How to add custom text or link in sonarqube UI

(Pattem) #1


I would like to some add custom text or links in sonarqube UI (home page), could you please let me know how to achieve this ?

I am using sonarqube 6.7.5 LTS, and I would like to add text/links as mentioned above.


(Grégoire Aubert) #2


If you are referring to the homepage of a project, you can update it’s description and define some links.

But if you are referring the global SonarQube homepage, then no, it’s not possible to customize it.

About adding custom links maybe this ticket could match what you want to do : SONAR-7890

(Pattem) #3


Thanks very much for the response.

Unfortunately, my requirement is to post some help text/links in global SonarQube homepage.

(Grégoire Aubert) #4

Ok, in fact, I might have found what you are looking for, you can have a custom HTML block on the homepage, and you can configure it in the global settings of your instance: