How migrate the postgres Data from VM to azure postgres database

I Just want to know how to migrate postgres data exclude the license and users(we are not using ldap users) from VM to azure postgres database.
We want to migrate only quality gates,profiles and projects.
Could you please help me on this

Hey there.

The easiest option is to do a pg_dump on your current database and pg_restore on your target database.

This will bring over users – but you can deactivate them all if absolutely necessary (I’m not sure I understand why it would be)

Thank you for reply.
what about the license when we do restore ,the old sonarqube license is restored in database which we don’t want that. we can add our new license again ?

You can always apply a new license. I would suggest reading the documentation on License Administration

Thank you.Our goal is our current sonarqube on vm is migrated to azure.we are using ldap configuration in VM but we have setup the sonarqube on azure with saml configuration. so we dont want the users and license in new environment. Could please suggest how can we migrate database with only project, quality profiles and quality gates .

It’s really not possible (of course you can export/import Quality Profiles and reconfigure your Quality Gates), but there is no way to bring over project data except for restoring your database.

Instead of getting rid of all users, I’d encourage you to migrate them to your new identity provider.