How many min new lines are required for the Quality Gate check to apply?


SonarQube Version - Data Center Edition v10.3
Deployed as Zip

One of our developers reported that during her last analysis, the QG failed saying 0.0% Coverage and the required lines to cover is only 1 new line.

I thought and have read somewhere(Please correct me if I’m wrong :face_with_thermometer:) that New lines below 20 are not considered/ignored. Is this still true? I’m not sure where to find more details on this.

Any suggestions/help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


The 20-line threshhold is calculated on Lines and not Lines of Code. In this PR you have 144 new lines, but only 1 new line of code (executable lines).

There is a ticket to work on this: [SONAR-11283] - Jira

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