Coverage not analyzing less than 20 lines on new lines

Hello community,

I see a comment on SonarCloud that basically says that less 20 lines are not going to be analyzed for New Lines.

I see this ticket open, but not sure if this is only for SonarQube

I also saw an older very similar ticket - Problem when PR has less than 20 new LOCs

Can someone let me know if there’s a feature enabled for SonarCloud?


It’s not that fewer than 20 lines aren’t analyzed. It’s that Quality Gate conditions on Coverage on New Code and Duplications on New Code aren’t enforced when there are fewer than 20 new lines.

A toggle to turn off this behavior has been added to SonarQube, but not in SonarCloud.


Thank you Ann for the reply!

Is there any plan for a feature to block this in SonarCloud?

Thanks again


Sorry, but I’m not currently aware of any plan for that.