How i get a analisys from a specific version/event

Hi guys, i need help about how to get analysis from the specific version/event.
I created a event from a previous version and now, i would like to see details from of specific version.

My SonarQube version is 7.2 Community.


You’re not going to be able to see the dashboard as it was at a time in the past, but you can use the Activity page to retrieve values from a specific event: choose the graphs (custom or pre-rolled) that reflect the metrics of interest, then click on the event in the analyses list on the left. That point in time will be selected in the graph(s) on the right, with popups to give the specific values.

If this is too fiddly for you, you can instead use web services to retrieve the values. You’ll find a ‘Web API’ link to the web services documentation in the page footer. You’re interested in api/measures/search_history.