How do I disable autoscan when analyzing a new project?

When I import a new repo from GitHub into SonarCloud, I get a screen stating that Sonar is checking for compatibility with AutoScan and then it starts automatically scanning the repo.

I do not want AutoScan. I plan on using Travis CI to scan the project as I need code coverage and test execution results.

How do I prevent SonarCloud from automatically setting up AutoScan?

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Please see this similar topic:


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Hi again,

Note that it’s currently not possible to cancel/disable autoscan when you first create your project. The first analysis will be automatically launched.

We’re going to provide a way to immediately deactivate AutoScan, but I can’t tell you yet when it will be available.



This does not help. That first analysis becomes the baseline that all subsequent analyses are measured against. As our file is not read during the AutoScan, the baseline is now wrong.

Please consider disabling the immediate AutoScan for all projects until there is a way to opt out before adding a project. This has completely stopped our onboarding of about 75 repos into our paid org.

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Hi Ray, from what you’re saying, you are moving from a SonarQube instance to SonarCloud, is that correct? Maybe we could detect such case (= when there is a file), and not activate AutoScan. @TomVanBraband and @SiegfriedEhret, what’s your feeling about this potential improvement?

Note that you should not worry about setting a wrong baseline. You can always remove analyses from the project history (in the “Activity” page of the project), so in your case the first one(s) done by AutoScan.

We were planning on using SonarQube as our code was originally on a GitHub Enterprise instance. Before we got the license, a re-org happened and we moved all of our code to GitHub.

I’m an admin for our SonarCloud org. I went to the Activity tab of several of our projects. The gear icon had an option to “Create Custom Event” and the pencil icon would let me change the version. I didn’t see any option to delete the scan.

This is what I see after importing a new project and then disabling AutoScan after it finishes.

You don’t see the action because you have only 1 analysis. As soon as you get at least 2, you will be able to see it: