Cannot turn off SonarCloud Automatic Analysis

We are facing with the problem and can’t turn off SonarCloud Automatic Analysis.


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Could you share the error that appear in your browser console under the network tab when you get the error ?

Also I see from the screenshot that your project is public, could you share a link to it ?

Link to the project:

Thanks for sharing!

From the log it seems that you are not able to disable it because your organization is not bound anymore to Github, which is weird because if that’s the case Autscan would probably not be able to scan your project anymore.

But this might happen if from Github you revoked access to your repo to the SonarCloud App.
So you should be able to fix this by authorizing it again and then only disabling Autoscan.

Thank you for your reply! Could you please help me with another issue? After disabling Autoscan I continue launching my GitHub Action, but faced with the problem:

Caused by: Something went wrong while trying to get the pullrequest with key '800' Caused by: Error 500 on : {"errors":[{"msg":"An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."}]}

I switched off the Autoscan because I am using my own CI-based analysis. (base on tutorial : ) But It doesn’t work. I have done the same on maven and it works, but on gradle there are some problems with build.

When do you get this error ? What do you do to get it ?

Is it possible that you organization / project are not bound to your github organization / repository anymore ?

To make sure the decoration of PR works correctly you should make sure the SonarCloud app is installed in your GitHub org and that both your org are correctly bound together.

If you get this error and you still have the SonarCloud app installed in your Github org, you should try to reset everything:

  • Remove the SonarCloud app from your Github organization
  • Now on SonarCloud side it should say that the org is not bound to GitHub
  • Then go in your SonarCloud Organization settings, you should see something like this:
  • Use it to re-bind your Github organization from there
  • Now hopefully you should not get the error anymore
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