"How can SonarCloud be utilized with Conditional Access enabled in Azure AD Part 2?"


There is already a similar question [here: “How to use SonarCloud with Conditional Access enabled in Azure AD?”](insert link) 6, but I was advised by support to initiate a new discussion.

We are currently employing Conditional Access Policies (CAP) in Azure DevOps to incorporate our MFA protection, and there is no option to disable it. I don’t believe we have any rules based on IP ranges.

Is it feasible to integrate SonarCloud in this scenario? My hope was that CAP only presents an issue if access is restricted to a specific IP range, like the company network, as SonarCloud lacks static IP addresses that could be whitelisted.

Hey there.

I think we’ve mostly seen it cause an issue when access is restricted to specific devices / IP ranges.

Have you tried integrating SonarCloud yet, and are you facing any issues? If so, please let us know what they are!