How can I modify the default Sonar way profile and still get dynamic updates? (is that what extend does?)

I want to use the Sonar Way profile so I get updates automatically but I also want to modify it slightly (remove/add rules etc). It would be ideal if i could just have another profile with some specific changes overwrite certain stuff in the Sonar Way profile

There is something called “extend” which I can find zero documentation for:

Does extend do what I want? Why is there no documentation for it?


Yes, it’s what extend does. However it’s only possible to enable additional rules, but not possible to disable rules from the base profile.

I agree we lack some documentation about this feature. We’ll find a way to make it from the UI and/or documentation.

Thanks for reporting.


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OK so while I can use extend to add new rules to Sonar Way I cant use it to deactivate rules right? If I need to do that I need to copy Sonar Way to a new profile and then periodically sync it up

Yes, you’re correct.

The Quality Profile doc explain how you can easily compare profiles, and see recently updated/added rules.