How can i exclude folders from being count in General Setting

I have at the moment sonar cloud integrated with github, one of the projects i have 36k lines but most of those are from a template that I have.

I dont have the config file for sonar cloud in the project, but notice that i can do the same via General Setting

When i go to the Code tab, i see the folders from my project in my case i see the following

web_app and inside i have src and all the rest of the folders

I was wondering two things first how to exclude the folder web_app/src/core/scss and any file inside of it to count from my limit, i have just for that one 36k and inside that folder is more than 20k, and i dont want to check anything inside that folder

I tried to set in the General Setting / Files Source File Exclusions i set

And saved, but when i go to the Summary and check the number of lines being check still the same amount 36k.

Is there anything that im missing here?

Whenever you change things like exclusions in the UI, you will need to trigger a new analysis of your codebase in order to see those changes reflected. Did you reanalyze your code?