How are the rules for visual studio designed?

hi good afternoon

  1. I’m looking for information on how to create new rules to validate the code in visual studio for windows .

  2. Also according to validate that sound has a complement in visual xpress (SonarLint), do they have any difference between the different versions for example visual studio communiti, visual express studio and etc …?

Hi @jecardenasri

Apologies for the late reply. In short, you need to create a Roslyn analyzer with your custom rules. When you analyze the projects using the Scanner for MSBuild, it will run third-party Roslyn analyzers together with our SonarC#/VB analyzers and upload all of the issues. The third-party issues will be uploaded to SonarQube :sonarqube: as external issues .

The third-party issues will appear in the IDE because you’ve referenced their NuGet packages.

Some details are here.