Help with migration from sonar-plugin-api 3.0 to latest


I’m looking into upgrading

To run with the latest sonarqube.

It seems to load ok and configuration works, but scanning fails when doing dependency injection.

So I’ve updated the pom.xml to point to the latest API jar from maven and then trying to go through the imports and fix things up.

I’m finding it hard to get good documentation from migrating such an old plugin, so I’m currently trawling through GitHub looking at other projects.

Is it possible to migrate this way or is it a massive rewrite from that far back?

Can I post here with specific class questions if I can’t figure it out?


Spent a couple of days on this, it’s hard to find the documentation on doing the migration.

The example on github for the latest SQ is so far away from the 5 version and I can’t seem to find any migration from point A to point B so think I’m going to have to abandon this.

Any help would be appreciated