HELP Configuration for Windows local testing

I am using the developer trial addition and am having novice issues. First time user. I am getting confused on the ambiguity relative to the properties file and configuring the right locations. The documentation seems to reference multiple properties files and specifies to store in several locations.

looking to conduct a simple local scan of php/js code in a local app\ directory. Can anyone assist?

Hello @TSC-briansinger,

If you leave all the configuration by default, you should not need to configure much:

sonar-scanner -Dsonar.projectKey=<whateverUniqueKeyYouWant> -Dsonar.login=admin -Dsonar.password=<YourAdminPassword>

Note: To analyze JavaScript code you must install Node.js. See:
Alternatively you can also use the project set up wizard as described at: See

Beyond this quick start, please read the SonarQube documentation setup and upgrade and analyzing source code in priority.