Helm chart > plugins installation: using secrets for proxy authentication

I use the Sonarqube Helm Chart: sonarqube 8.0.1+546 · sonarsource/sonarqube
For plugins installation, I need to authenticate on the proxy server.
This is possible by using this parameter:

# ===========================================
# Configurations - Plugins
# ===========================================
    httpsProxy: http://[user]:[pwd]@[proxy host]:[port]

But I don’t want to put a password in values.yaml file, so I’d like to find a solution to use a secret for this password. And as far as I unsderstand there’s no solution for this.
Did I miss something? or could it be fixed in a future version of the chart?

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Hi @cmartinet. Welcome back.

Am I correct to assume that you are asking if we support storing these secrets in some kind of ConfigMap? If yes, we don’t have the specific solution you are asking for.

That being said, we have a similar use case ourselves. We solved that problem by encrypting our YAML files using sops.

I hope that helps!

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Hi, thank you for your answer.
Yes it would have been convenient for us to use a Secret (just like a Config Map but for sercrets). If not possible I guess we will manually download the plugin binary and serve it from a local HTTP server.

Hi @cmartinet.

I understand that it would be convenient.
Currently, we do not support this feature and have no roadmap to support it either, especially considering that workarounds exist.

Thanks for your input, though. :slight_smile:

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