Health check and plugin in AWS env

Hi Team,

I am setting up new Sonar (Community version 9.7) environment in AWS. SQube would be running on AWS EC2 with database as PostgreSQL and EFS volume as storage. EC2 instance will be running behind ELB (Load Balancer)-ASG(Auto-Scaling Group) setup.
I have couple of questions in this regard:

  • For health check configuration in ELB what URI should I be using? ( api/system/health won’t work as it requires auth and return status as Insufficient privileges)
  • Plugins gets installed under $SQ_HOME/extensions/plugins folder which is a local volume on EC2. Since it is running behind ELB-ASG and failed health check (say 6 times) might terminate instance and ASG will provision new one. How do we manage installed plugins in this scenario? It will be hassle to install all the plugins again on new instance.
  • Which tool would you recommend for performance testing of SQ?

Appreciate your time.


Appreciate if someone can chime into the above post.