Sonarqube Health Checks

I need to check if our self hosted implementation is working end to end so we can create an incident for it. What are others doing for health checks? We have Azure monitor alerts for AKS and postgress but these dont cover everything that can go wrong

What exactly does this check?
https://sonarqube.[my org].dev/api/system/status
“id”: “4622696D-AYuMnjWY_td5_ZrpCNOp”,
“version”: “”,
“status”: “UP”

Hey there.

As noted in the docs

  • GREEN: SonarQube is fully operational
  • YELLOW: SonarQube is usable, but it needs attention in order to be fully operational
  • RED: SonarQube is not operational

This is primarily checking that the Elasticsearch process, Compute Engine, and Web Server are operational. It also confirms that the database connection is working.

In the event you’re interested more about what it checks, you can see the code here.

Green/Yellow/Red is the response for

api/system/status is returning “up”

Ah, right. :man_facepalming:

GET api/system/status is really about state (is SonarQube up or down?), while GET api/system/heatlh focuses on whether SonarQube is fully operational.