Haven't add the GitHub organisation private repository to SonalCloud organisation projects, but still see the SonarCloud Checks in PR

  1. My GitHub organisation has a private repository A
  2. I didn’t add repository A to SonarCloud organisation projects
  3. GitHub PR of repository A, Checks Tab, display “SonarCloud” check, showing “Queued for xx hours”

Is it due to one member of my GitHub organisation, add repository A to their SonarCloud personal organisation projects ?

No, I guess you gave access to all repos of your organization to the SonarCloud app, right?
By default, GitHub creates a check suite automatically when code is pushed to a repository the app have access to. So even if project A doesn’t exist on SonarCloud, if the SonarCloud app has access to the repo, a check suite will be created. And the default status of a check suite is “Queued”, hence the message you see.

I agree it’s confusing and it would be better to create the check suite manually, only when a project exist on SC. PR decoration is one of our main topic for this year, so we’ll probably improve that sometime this year.

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