Group sync in Sonar community with github


I’m testing github delegated authentication with sonar community edition version 10.3.

The delegated authentication is working fine, but the option to sinchronize teams as groups does not seem to be working (sonar.auth.github.groupsSync is enabled).

Although the users that log in to sonarQube using the github login belong to github teams with names that match groups already existing in the sonarQube server, the groups are not synched to their profiles.

So the question is whether this feature should be available in the community edition or if it is available only from paid versions.

I’ve also tested with sonar community edition version 9.9.3 with the same results

Thank you for your help

Hey there.

Is this condition fulfilled in how your groups are named in SonarQube?

  • Groups in SonarQube are named after the GitHub organizations and teams’ names, ie. Organization/Team.

This feature is not related to a specific edition (it’s available in Community Edition)

Thank you very much, Colin.

I had missed the part of the documentation that mentioned the groups should be prefixed with the organization.

Creating the groups including the organization works.

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