Green coverage badge when over 80%

As per the FAQ, I’m creating a new topic of this issue vivekweb2013 reported 3 years ago.

To me, Coveralls, Shields, Scrutinizer and others provide coverage badges that look way better than the one available from SonarCloud.

It would be so great to be able to customize it a little. Firstly, the background color of the percentage that should be green over 80% and red or grey when below and secondly the sonarcloud logo. In my opinion, it would look more clean and pro without it.

What I have:

What I would love to have:

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Hello @samuelgfeller ,

Welcome to the community!

Thank you for this feedback, I’ve shared this internally with our UX team.

Thanks a lot! Can you keep me updated?
The sonarcloud logo removal option would be awesome on other badges as well. I prefer my badges to have no logo :slight_smile:

Hello Martin, how are you?

Do we have any news about this?

The issue of color is something that bothers me a lot, too. :melting_face:
I even thought there was some particular reason for this and found this post when searching.

Hello @ciceropablo ,

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Unfortunately, there are no updates on this topic.

Hi Martin

Could you ask the UX team for an update on this topic? Is the issue still open, or have they made a decision?
What is taking so long.