GitHub PR Status Checks - 1 GitHub Org -> Several SonarCloud Orgs

Here’s my setup:

  • Azure DevOps Pipelines for builds
  • GitHub Enterprise for source control
  • SonarCloud CI tasks defined in build YAMLs

Here’s my problem:

  • One GitHub Enterprise organization is shared by several business units and managed by Share Services
  • However, each business unit has its own SonarCloud organization (all paid)

I want the SonarCloud CI tasks running in ADO to be able to post to the status checks of our GitHub pull requests. From looking at the documentation, this seems to require binding the one SonarCloud app for GitHub to a single SonarCloud organization.

If I was using ADO git, I would use a PAT token at the project level as a workaround. However, it seems that there’s no comparable configuration for GitHub.

How do I configure SonarCloud and/or my CI tasks to post statuses to GitHub PRs in this configuration?