GitHub Integration - pull request status not beeing displayed

  • GitHub Actions used
  • Languages of the repository - Java
  • SonarQube analysis has been executed with Success result on sonar page but report is not beeing reported back to GitHub. Therefore status of the pull request is still marked as SonarCloud Code Analysis Expected — Waiting for status to be reported
  • no errors could be found
  • no change has been made to the settings which worked before
  • problem since yesterday

Hi @barci.peter,

I’ll reach out to you to get more information help us to investigate your issue.


Hi @barci.peter

You may be impacted by an ongoing incident on SonarCloud that may have a wider scope than what we initially suspected.

Could you please share the GitHub Actions workflow please, with the private elements redacted, for me to confirm? Especially the part running the Sonar scanner.

Thanks in advance,

Hey there,

The incident I was talking about was resolved yesterday at 8 PM CET.

Do you still experience the issue?

We’ve been experiencing the same issue for two days, as of this morning the issue is yet to be resolved

Hi there,

everything works fine now.

Thank you for info

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Hi Tatyana, welcome to the community!

For the record, all the builds that happened during the incident itself won’t recover by themselves. A new build including the Sonar Scanner execution must be run for the status to appear. All my apologies for the inconvenience, I am fully aware how disruptive it is for the development flow.

Did a new build of your branch happen since yesterday evening, 8 PM CET?

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Hey Claire,

The issue is now resolved, thank you so much!

I’m really happy to read that, thanks for your feedback!

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