Github Enterprise Cloud and Authentication app public/private?

I’m looking for some guidance here.
Github Enterprise Cloud with multiple organizations and SonarQube Datacenter.
in configuring the ALM, I have created a private github app for each organization and that works fine.
I would like to use the “login with Github” feature, but currently, it looks like only one github app ID can be configured for authentication.

what is that the recommended approach in this situation?

Would a single public github app work if I install it on all my orgs? I’m leary about creating a public app for anyone to install as it is specifically for authentication into my instance of SonarQube.

I did notice a line in the docs that I had missed previously.

  • Under “Where can this GitHub App be installed?,” select Any account .

Allowing any Github account to install the app feels strange especially when the ‘allow users to sign-up’ is enabled. It looks appears that while any account can install the github app, if they are not on the ‘organizations’ whitelist, then that is the control.


If you’re running Data Center Edition, you have access to our professional support engineers. You should probably open a ticket with them.