Autoscans very slow - again

Hey there,

after there were similar issues before which were allegedly fixed ( Slowed automatic analysis of GitHub PRs - #3 ) it just started to happen again for us.

Autoscans for our projects take around 40 minutes. This is breaking our dev workflow once more.
Can you please see to fix this asap and finally? We are paying customers and the current and repeating issues are quite a blocker for us.


Hey there.

Thanks for the report – right now it’s the only one we have.

Can you tell us what language(s) are being analyzed in the repos? Specifically if they include Java, .NET, or C#?

Mainly PHP. But here is the breakdown of one of the effected repos:


Thanks. I’ve reached out to you by private message for additional details.

Hi @JanThiel,

I did some investigations on the 1st Pull request example you provided, the one numbered 1399.
According to the log, Github called our endpoints at around 20:24.

So, it seems that Github itself was delayed in reporting the PR. We cannot tell for sure why there was this delay from Github end.

Do you still experience the same issue?


Hi Ismail,

Thank you very much for the update and the insights from your end. I believe that you understand that it is highly intransparent and impossible for us as client to identify where the actual issue comes from. We just see and experience the delays.

Or is there any way for us to access the logs you mentioned?

From the day after the issue it was all good again. So it most likely was a GitHub hickup of some sort.

Thanks for checking anyway!

Hello Jan,

Thank you for your feedback. We agree that in this case the root cause of the delay wasn’t clear. However, the logs of the Automatic Analysis are accessible only internally.

We take your feedback that the service should be more transparent in case of errors like this - our PM is aware of this and we will discuss possible ways for a better transparency.


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