Automatic analysis delay

hi all,

it seems there is a big delay across all our projects, scans are not reported back.

i checked the status page and there is nothing reported there

could you please check and update?


  • ALM used (GitHub)
  • Automatic analysis

Same problem here, hope it will be fixed soon.

Also seeing this issue across our organization using Azure DevOps.

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Same problem here with analyses not reported on GitHub (Using GitHub action scanner)

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Same issue here across our organisation using Azure DevOps. Sonar is processing the scan, we can see the results in the Pull Request tab on SonarCloud, but we are not getting back the results so that the PRs can be completed.

  • token seems to be valid
  • analysis are being performed, tried a couple of builds
  • nothing else changed from last week when it was working


Can we please get some advice on how to resolve?

Any chance of an official response?
Issue started for us sometime between (CET times) 9:30 and 10:30.

Hello everyone

Thanks for reporting this issue.
I’m trying to understand where the problem is coming from as we failed to reproduce at the moment.
Knowing that it happens with different scanners (Automatic analysis, GH action) and different platforms (GitHub, Azure) is super helpful already!
Also, to know that you see the results on the UI is really important information, thank you for mentioning it.

Could some of you please drop:

  • project key if public
  • analysis ID (from the Background tasks page of the project) of an analysis that failed to be reported
  • the date and timezone of this analysis

Thanks in advance

it was working as expected till ystrday, suddenly started breaking.

Tried all the available solutions, coudn’t make it work , only for some particular repo.
using manual analysis

Same issue reported here. We are experiencing the same:

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Its the same for us as well!

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Same here, what’s happening??

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That’s important information! Could the other participants of this thread confirm if they are in the same situation, aka seeing the results in the SonarCloud UI but missing the reported check in GitHub / Azure?

In exactly the same situation.

Same here. We can see the result in the UI, but it is no sent to DevOps.

@akhc @tezeta
Thanks for coming! Would you have this information by any chance?

  • project key if public
  • analysis ID (from the Background tasks page of the project) of an analysis that failed to be reported
  • the date and timezone of this analysis

Hi all,

We’ve found the error, which was caused by a deployment this morning (in Europe) and are working on a revert.

It’s caused by a corner case where an expected int value is actually NO VALUE. We gleaned that much from the stacktrace we found in the logs but don’t have further details yet.

We expect this to be fixed in approximately 30min.

Thanks, as ever, for your reports and your patience. We apologize for the invonvenience.


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Hi again,

We’ve hit a snag with the rollback, I’m sorry to say. It’ll be an additional ~1h.


Thank you, @Anomitro_Munshi, that will help us investigate the root cause!

The rollback is done, and the issue should be solved for all scans starting now.
Sadly, the ones already missing won’t recover.
That’s something we will log internally to seek for improvement for our software.

Again, thank you for your patience and your reports, and sorry for the inconvenience.