Github Authentication: You're not authorized to access this page


I’m trying to log in to with my GitHub account but this error is presented: “You’re not authorized to access this page.”

Can anyone help me? I need to work with my company projects but I am having this problem.

Hey there.

After trying to login (and being directed to the page with the “You’re not authorized to access this page.” message), are you able to access

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Hi Colin, thanks for reply

I’m being redirected to login page -

(post deleted by author)

Hi Colin, did you take a look? I already sent my username by private message.

Hey @Corlobin.

Sorry for the delay. We will hopefully be able to resolve this Monday. I’ll keep you posted.

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Hey @Corlobin

You should now be able to login. Can you confirm?

Perfect, now I’m logging! thanks!

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