Github authentication failing to login


We are trying to enable the Github authentication for Sonarqube. While I have created the Oauth and setup the necessary fields in the Settings, login is failing and reports “You’re not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator.”.

Do we have to explicitly create a user entry in the users section for the user tries to login using Github? Also how to make sure they are provided by default the Sonar-user role?

Version used:
* Sonarqube - 7.9 (lts)
* GitHub Authentication for SonarQube - 1.5 (build 870)
* Setup in AWS, private VPC. Service is run on ECS.

Please make sure that you followed all the steps detailed in:

(particularly make sure you Server base URL is correctly set on the SonarQube side and it corresponds to the URL configured in GitHub OAuth app)

If it still fails you may set SonarQube temporarily in DEBUG mode, try login with GitHub and check generated web.log entries. Feel free to share them here after sanitizing for sensitive data.