GIT plugin not available - Developer Edition Version 8.4.2

I’m trying to get the GIT scm plugin, but it’s not showing up as available in the marketplace… Is there a way to manually install this plugin?

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You’ve hit this
which is part of
and caused some confusion and disappointment, see i.e.
SonarJava 6.6 not available in Sonarqube marketplace


OK… that being said… why am i getting the error that the scm provider for git is not found?

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Your topic was initially posted under “plugin development,” which is a category for people authoring plugins, not asking for assistance regarding an existing one. I’ve moved this to the general SonarQube “Get Help” category.

Can you post a full log of the analysis including the error you’re receiving?

Actually, since Darren indicated in his original post title that he’s running SonarQube 8.4.2, I don’t believe our move away from plugins in 8.5 is to blame.