Git hashes should link back to GitHub

When I’m looking at the blame information tied to an issue SonarCloud will show several details such as the author, date and git hash. I can copy paste the git hash and craft an url back to the commit view on GitHub, but it would be much more convenient if a link could be provided automatically for projects hosted on


Would you mind fleshing out why you need to get quickly/easily from SonarCloud to the commit view in the DevOps Platform?

For the record, I agree it makes sense, but having a full use case from a user carries more weight. :smiley:

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Sure @ganncamp,

When reviewing existing issues in SonarCloud the commit information is very useful to identify the author, commit date and commit ID. Sometimes getting further context in why/how the code was written being able to get to the GitHub view (or GitLab if it applies), would allows us to get further context about the change so we can get a more comprehensive view of the change and help in deciding on the best next step on how to resolve the issue.

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Do you have an update on this minor feature. I was going over some issues today and having to copy/paste the git hashes and craft GH URLs by hand was cumbersome. The auto linking should be fairly trivial to add to the SonarCloud UI.