How to get commit sha from sonarcloud smell issues using Api

Hi everyone,
I need to commit’s sha id by every smell issues of commits.
I am using this api to fetch issues{project_key}
but this gives me information about only sonarcloud. I want to find github information like commit’s sha etc. to match github commit and it’s sonarcloud issue.

for clarify i wanted match github and sonarcloud basically. Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance

Hey there.

First question is – why? What will you use this information for?

I need old and fixed commit’s source code and it’s issue information like smell bug or etc… for my research project about code quality analysis using DL. so for gathering data I am using repositories on sonarcloud. in order to get source code of buggy commit, I need to match both commits in sonarcloud and in github. Do have idea to how I can do. hope I clarify well.
Thanks for reply.