Getting Authorization issue for iOS swift

Getting Authorization issue for a multi module ios project. Not sure what could be the issue to check on. We aren’t getting coverage to sonarqube… how to fix this issue in priority. Also how to write for multi module ios projects… let’s say like we have 10 modules inside Package folder … how it can be written properly… what are the property should be set Mandatory for proper coverage

It sounds like the user you’re providing credentials for (using sonar.login or sonar.token) doesn’t have Execute Analysis permissions.

I don’t really understand the rest of your question.

Hey colin,
How to check whether token is valid or expired or have execute permission?

Note: in our organisation, I have only read access and no admin access to review this…
If you provide any insights on this… I will check with my admin team accordingly

An organization or project-admin can check if the user the token was generated for has Execute Analysis permissions. If you’re in doubt that your token is revoked – try generating a new one!