Get Rule from ActiveRules

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Is it possible to get a Rule (org.sonar.api.rules.Rule) from ActiveRule (org.sonar.api.batch.rule.ActiveRule) ?

I’ve tried to get it from the RuleKey but It only returns the string value


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Hi @radwane

I don’t think it is possible. What is your use case?

From a Sensor point of view, only active rules should matters. Fetching entire rules details from server can be very costly.


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Hi @Julien_HENRY

Thanks a lot for your reply!

Before, I was using RulesProfile where I could get a rules from my profile, then I execute the validation part and finally the saving part with saveMeasure, but it’s okay now while using ActiveRules I execute the validation part and the saving part within my rule using SensorContext.newMeasure.

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