Get new rules-set for C#

This probably has been asked before but I can’t seem to find a suitable answer (or i’ve not been able to phrase my google search correctly)

What I’m looking for is a some sort of package of rules I can add to my sonar… I don’t want to develop these new rules, and, of course, i’m willing to pay for it. Is there a marketplace for these extensions? any recommendations?!?


I assume you are already using our SonarC# analyzer!

In this very forum you can suggest new rules (see Suggest New Features > New Rules, and quite regularly this results in us building new rules that benefit everybody using SonarQube. You don’t even have to pay our developers, although maybe somebody will slip you their Venmo. :stuck_out_tongue: (kidding)

Of course, the SonarQube Marketplace is available on your instance in Administration > Marketplace where some plugins are available. I can only think of a few instances where people actually sell SonarQube plugins – they aren’t in our Marketplace and I can’t think of any for C#. I’d encourage you to suggest a rule through us. :slight_smile:

Finally, if there is a rule available in an external analyzer, SonarQube is getting more and more friendly with importing reports from popular tools.


To complete @Colin answer, for C# and VB .NET you can wrap any Roslyn analyzer into a SonarQube plugin using


Thank you Colin. I don’t actually have a rule in mind that i think needs implementing! i was just looking for more rules to direct my attention to given projects/areas that require intervention…