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Don't create stored procedures with prefix sp_ (6)
Throwable and Error should not be caught in Kotlin (equivalent of Java rule: squid:S1181) (1)
CERT secure coding L1 level rules for Java, C, C++ (3)
Rule 3864 "Stream.peek should not be used": improving title and description (1)
Missing rules to detect XSS and html injection in java servlets (1)
Report usage of non-null assertion operator in Kotlin (1)
Report suspend function declared as extension on CoroutineScope (1)
The transaction isolation level read uncommited or repetable because of inconsitent results (1)
Use explicite JOIN's rather then implicite (7)
Rule templates for Kotlin (1)
Reports TODO's and FIXME's on XML files (1)
[Kotlin] Function returning a Deferred (1)
Kotlin coroutines: Report usages of `GlobalScope` (1)
Kotlin coroutines: Report usage of runBlocking (1)
[Java] Unchecked generic type operation (2)
[Java] Unlikely argument type for Collection methods using Object (2)
JDBC drivers should not be registered via `Class.forName()` (3)
[Java] Missing synchronized modifier on inherited method (2)
C# There should be a rule for using TryAdd(), TryParse() etc. and not checking the results (1)
Double assignment (3)
New rules for localisation of software (1)
Split S1166 to two rules: logger vs. new exception (1)
Equivalent of S1698 in Web profile ("==" and "!=" should not be used when "equals" is overridden) (4)
[Java] Type parameter hides another type (2)
[Java] Hidden catch block (2)
No rule to check for missing global error handler on web pages (1)
[Java] Usage of raw type (4)
[Java] Generic type parameter declared with a final type bound (2)
No rule to check for incorrect cast from one numeric data type to another (1)