Gerrit Support and how to get features added to make plugins work again

our company uses Gerrit in many of our product lines. We have a few tools like SonarQube and were very disappointed that with some recent changes as it broke our process flow. And it will limit Sonarqube’s effectiveness going forward.

Any chance the Sonar developers can go back and give some time to help support Gerrit better?


To be clear, SonarSource never supported that integration. If you want to undertake some sort of integration, you’ll find help with the development here (please open new threads for specific development questions).

Alternately… As I understand it, the idea is to create items/tickets/etc in Gerrit for … new issues(?). You have webhooks and web services. An intermediate process could be triggered by webhook to pull the data via web services and do the work on the Gerrit side…