Gerrit integration for 7.9 LTS and beyond - how?


Just to be sure, as the analysis mode parameter is no longer supported starting from 7.7, are any ways to integrate Gerrit with SonarQube ? We’re using 6.7 LTS with Gerrit-Jenkins plugin and all works fine.

As far as I understand, starting from 7.7 it is NOT possible to have a normal integration with Gerrit, as it is for 6.7, right? Corresponded plugin’s page says that it is not more compatible with SQ version 7.7+. And, as I understand, paid version with branches support also is not a solution.



Does nobody really use Jenkins + Gerrit with the SonarQube?

We were considering to migrate to enterprise license (right now ~10.2 M loc and it should be multiplied twice for upcoming projects, which also should be covered), but now it was put on hold. Definitely we aren’t ready to change other CI/CD infrastructure components because of SQ.

@ganncamp - do you have any solution for that? Just as a reminder - I mean, that the root cause is dropping of preview mode ( After that, several plugins were declared as “incompatible since 7.7”, and Sonar-Jenkins among them. If no, well, we’ll use 6.7 as long as we not find alternate product…

Hi Sergey,

I haven’t answered this before because I really don’t know anything about Gerrit. I suspect your answer is going to be a custom plugin that re-imagines the workflow for pushing new issues(?) into Gerrit as part of the server-side analysis report processing. If you decide to take that up, please feel free to open new threads with specific development questions in the Plugin Development category.