For Angular JS, SonarQube Project and Jenkins Build test report of Code Coverage mismatching

I am getting an code coverage report mis-matching in SonarQube Project code coverage report is 49%, and when it comes to the Jenkins build code coverage report is showing 62% — Varying, for Angular JS code.

Please suggest what might happened:

Thank you so much in advance.


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When I see complaints of this kind of mismatch, my first though is always about executable lines.


Hi @ganncamp,

Please suggest me the ways to solve this issue:)
And for the Angular JS Project, the Combined Report Test is 62% , and when it comes to the SonarQube Dashboard Project, the percentage is 46.9% it is varying:)

  • Any Upgradations Issue, or any plugins issue in Jenkins.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Praveen5963,

Did you read the post I linked to?