Filtering Issues from Third Party Plugins in Sonarqube console

Sonarqube Enterprise Edition v10.2

I am interested in being able to filter findings that come in from 3rd party plugins such as OWASP Dependency Check. However, I do not see anything in the Filters section where we can do so.

In the detail section of Sonarqube issues, under the “References” section, I can see where it says “This issue was generated by Dependency-Check” for those issues that came in through that 3rd party plugin. So there is some type of meta data available that specifies the issue source from the plugin.

My question is: is there a mechanism that we can use to filter out issues that come from our plugins from those that come from the Sonarqube scanner?

Hello BC,

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Thank you for your feedback.

Can you please explain why you need to filter your plugin issues? Did you try to filter your issues based on the plugin rules or associated tags?