Files in test directory read as source code

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We are using Github and Github actions, Typescript and Javascript, Jest. I am generating lcov reports but they are not being read properly. Some files with <80% coverage are being shown as 0%. When running the sonar scan, I get the following error

WARN: Found 3 inconsistencies in coverage report. Re-run analyse in debug mode to see details.

When I run debug:

Problem during processing LCOV report: can't save DA data for line 147 of coverage report file (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Line with number 167 doesn't belong to file example.ts)

I believe that the scanner is reading the test example.ts as the source code example.ts.

Our directory structure:

--- __tests__
    --- example.ts
--- example.ts

Sonar args:


Any thoughts on what I need to do to resolve this? It is becoming a problem for my team.

Hi Kate,

Have you tried adding the following?


You can see an example and explanation here: How do SonarCloud properties work in relation to each other? - #2

Yes! That resolved it thank you!

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