Few questions regarding the usage of SonarLint


I would have some questions regarding the use of SonarLint in Eclipse within a maven project.

1.) Can SonarLint be integrated into the maven Build? I have heard so but I would wonder what the use case would be? For instance when I integrate the test-coverage examining maven pluging JaCoCo into the maven build, then this allows JaCoCo to run automatically during the build process and by that performing the coverage measuring automatically as part of the build process.
But what benefits would it have to integrate SonarLint into the maven build? I mean I receive already now the code smell hints during programming.

2.) Can you configure with SonarLint custom rules?

3.) Can there be someting automated with SonarLint which makes sense?

4.) I know that SonarQubeServer is mostly beneficial when implementing it into your pipeline, so that it is remote… But can you use SonarQubeServer at the beginning to play around with it also only locally?
Does SonarQubeServer have any advantages regarding Code Smell Hints compared to SonarLint? Or do they base on the same technology and provide the same code small hints, so that the “only difference” is that SonarLint is being limited to only be used locally while SonarQubeServer is not?

I would be grateful for any help and replies:)

Best wishes

Hi Abigail,

No and it wouldn’t make any sense.

Yes but you have to enable it in your plugin like that

I don’t understand the question, could you provide some more details ?

For testing purposes you may run the build and the Sonarqube server with builtin H2 database
on the same machine = locally - otherwise use a dedicated machine for Sonarqube alone and a real database.
Sonarlint does support only a smaller subset of languages, but it uses the same language scanner plugins as the analysis in your build server (Jenkins …).

Sonarlint is a plugin for the IDE that gives quick feedback via local scan after file edit and save.
You may use Sonarlint standalone without a Sonarqube server, then it uses the builtin Sonarsource quality profile.
When your IDE project is connected to a Sonarqube project (= project binding) on a Sonarqube server your local scan uses the quality profile, project settings and global setttings of that Sonarqube project.

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Alright, thanks a lot and nevermind about the 3rd question.