Features and key facts on latest SonarQube version (8.3.1) community edition?

What are the new features of latest SonarQube (Community edition) version(8.3.1) & Project level and developer level metrics:

  • I need some better explanation about the feature (Community edition)
  • need a proper details on project level and developer level metrics (Community edition)


Welcome to the community!

For the latest features, see the release notes, upgrade notes, and official announcement.

For features, see the product website and documentation. For metrics, the definitions are in the docs.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for the reply,
What I need to know is the features and other key details only about Community Edition of SonarQube latest version.
In the site I think the features are described commonly for all editions (community, developer, enterprise etc) it didn’t specify separately edition wise.
All those features are applicable in the Community Edition too?

Much appreciate your kind response.


The Plans and Pricing page might be useful for you.