Feature Request: New Color Scheme with More Contrast in PR Analysis

Dear SonarCloud Community,

I am writing to request a new color scheme with more contrast for PR analysis. I have noticed that on some external displays the colors used to mark “new code” are not contrasted enough against the background. This lack of contrast makes it difficult to distinguish the new code from the rest of the codebase.

Having a color scheme with higher contrast would greatly improve the readability and user experience of the PR analysis feature. It would make it easier for developers to identify new code at a glance, thereby improving our code review process and overall productivity.

I understand that color scheme preferences can be subjective and vary among users. Therefore, it would be great if SonarCloud could provide a few different color scheme options in addition to the current light/dark mode themes that users can choose from based on their personal preferences or specific needs.

Thank you for considering this request. I believe this enhancement would benefit many users in the SonarCloud community.


Just want to +100 this request.

I’ll add that the UI for duplicated lines needs some attention. Details can only be found by clicking a thin light gray vertical bar, which looks very similar to a scrollbar on Mac. Then when you click on it, you can’t even see the full filename where the code duplication is. The only way to see that is to right click → Inspect element. You should be able to see the full filename. The vertical bar needs to stand out more, whether it’s yellow, orange, blue, anything other than gray, which again looks like a scrollbar. It’s even worse in dark mode.

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Hello Lorant and Steve,

Thank you very much for both of your feedback regarding:

1/ Contrast for ‘New Code’, as well as
2/ The visibility of the vertical bar, and
3/ File name truncation

I will track these 3x separate items into our UX backlog as feedback. Additionally, I’ll bring up the suggestion for more ‘themes’ beyond Light+Dark mode in our future retrospective with context on your use-case too.

Thank you for the feedback and as always, please continue to share your thoughts so we can keep it logged.


Thanks Kevin! Appreciate that this is picked up! :raised_hands:

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