False Positive State

  • SonarQube Version 7.3
    How A rule that has been altered to state false positive for a specific project can be reseted at the initial open state?

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Hey Nikos,

Let’s make sure we distinguish between a rule and an issue. A rule can generate many issues on a project, so marking one issue as false positive won’t stop the rule from triggering issues elsewhere.

To change a false positive to an open issue, an issue admin should be able to just click on the issue state and change the status to reopen them (the same way they marked it as an FP originally)


First of all ,

Thank you for your reply.

You have a point, I have changed a number of issues (created by a rule) to false positive in a specific project.

The problem is that right now I am not capable of seeing these issues under the project in order for me to change the state.

Thank you in advance

Click on your project.
Then click on Issues.
Scroll down and on the left hand side click on ‘Resolution’. Then click on ‘False Positive’.
You will see all false positive issues on the right hand side.
You can either click on each of them and ‘Reopen’ them or Click on ‘Bulk Change’ at the top and then reopen all of them.

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Thank you…