False positive (S2695) on prepareStatement

The following code is triggering a false positive error, This “PreparedStatement” has no parameters. in SQ scanner

String sql = "select ... from ... where job_id = ?";
if (connectReadOnly()) {
ps = _con.prepareStatement(sql);
ps.setInt(1, job_id);
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  • Version 9.0 (build 45539)

Hello @SteveRC and welcome to the community!

I did not manage to reproduce a false positive with the code you provided (even when updating it to compile), I’m afraid you removed critical information when providing the reproducer.

I see that ps is declared somewhere else, is it possible that it is re-assigned at some point?

Something like:

    PreparedStatement ps;
    ps = connection.prepareStatement("SELECT ... FROM ... where job_id = ?");
    if (connectReadOnly()) {
      ps = connection.prepareStatement("SELECT... FROM ...");
      // Do something with ps
    } else {
      ps.setInt(1, job_id); // Correct

It would be great if you could provide all the usages/re-assignment of the impacted variables and a reproducer keeping the control flow of the program.


Thank you for the quick reply. Here’s a full example below. The preparedstatement is initialized as null then set after gettinga connection to the database via connectReadOnly() (method is in parent class).

I have converted the method to use try-with-resources and the false positive warning went away. While it is our long term goal to refactor all of these old classes to try-with-resources it still seems like a false positive?

public AppliedDiscountModel[] getAppliedCoupons(int job_id,int period_id) {

ArrayList<AppliedDiscountModel> recs = new ArrayList<AppliedDiscountModel>();

PreparedStatement ps = null;

ResultSet r = null;

try {

String sql = "select ... from t1 where x = ? and y ?";


if (connectReadOnly())


ps = _con.prepareStatement(sql);



r = executeQueryPS(ps);

while (r.next()) {

try {

AppliedDiscountModel rec = new AppliedDiscountModel();

// set attributes


} catch (Exception e) {





} catch (SQLException e) {


} finally {

try {

disconnect(r,ps); }

catch (Exception e) {log.error(e);}


return recs.toArray(new AppliedDiscountModel[0]);


Indeed, this code is fine, it should not report an issue.

I still cannot reproduce the issue on my side though.
What about String sql, is it always a hardcoded String?

It is always a local instance variable but is sometimes built dynamically if the query has a variable number of parameters.

For example, we might loop over an array and build the WHERE clause to include “?” parameters based on the array size. Then there would be a similar loop to set the value of those paramets on the prepared statement. Obviously here we have to use a variable e.g. for (int x=1;x<5 ) {ps.setInt(x++,myParameers[x]); } in this scenario x will always be a positive integer starting at 1 as required by JDBC.

However, the cases I’ve provided already don’t do that dynamic query building. They are pretty straight forward queries with a fixed number of query parameters.


I’m coming back at this topic to wrap up:

We did a few improvements to this rule since, I invite anybody still having issues with this rule to try with the latest SonarQube version (> 9.2).
If you still see false positives, please open a new thread, with an updated description of the problem, and ideally a minimal reproducer (keeping usages/re-assignment of the impacted variables and the control flow of the program).


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