False positive on code duplication, English/French dictionary file

  • ALM used (GitHub)
  • CI system used (Circle CI)
  • Languages of the repository (javascript, typescript)

Hi all,

In SonarCloud I’m getting what appears to be a false positive for code duplication in two files that represent French/English language strings.

My local SonarLint does not give any warnings for these same files.

I’m not sure how to work around this. Appending //NOSONAR to the end of each line did not have any effect.

The two files are copied below.

Any help is appreciated!

// dict/en/footer.js
export default {
  tipsAndAdvice: "Get Exclusive Tips & Advice",
  signUp: "sign up",
  needHelp: "Need help?",
  contactUs: "Contact Us",
  homeowners: "Homeowners",
  homeProfessionals: "Home Professionals",
  browseCategories: "Browse Categories",
  browseTasks: "Browse Tasks",
  writeReview: "Write A Review",
  blog: "Blog",
  starReviewers: "Star Reviewers",
  homeownerFAQ: "Homeowner FAQ",
  reviewGuidelines: "Review Guidelines",
  homeownerTrust: "Homeowner Trust",
  financing: "NEW! Financing",
  renoReport: "Reno Report",
  brandBuilder: "Brand Builder",
  spFAQ: "Home Professional FAQ",
  buildingTrust: "Building Trust",
  mobileApp: "Mobile App",
  spTerms: "Home Professional Terms",
  proCentre: "Pro Centre",
  about: "About",
  ourTeam: "Our Team",
  press: "Press & Announcements",
  terms: "Terms of Use",
  privacy: "Privacy"
// dict/fr/footer.js
export default {
  tipsAndAdvice: "Conseils exclusifs et avis",
  signUp: "S'inscrire",
  needHelp: "Besoin d'aide ?",
  contactUs: "Nous contacter",
  homeowners: "Propriétaires",
  homeProfessionals: "Professionnels du domicile",
  browseCategories: "Parcourir les catégories",
  browseTasks: "Parcourir les tâches",
  writeReview: "Écrire un avis",
  blog: "Blog",
  starReviewers: "Critiques étoilées",
  homeownerFAQ: "FAQ pour les propriétaires",
  reviewGuidelines: "Directives d'examen",
  homeownerTrust: "Confiance du propriétaire",
  financing: "NOUVEAU ! Financement",
  renoReport: "Rapport de rénovation",
  brandBuilder: "Constructeur de marque",
  spFAQ: "FAQ pour les professionnels du domicile",
  buildingTrust: "Bâtir la confiance",
  mobileApp: "Application mobile",
  spTerms: "Conditions pour les professionnels du domicile",
  proCentre: "Centre professionnel",
  about: "À propos de nous",
  ourTeam: "Notre équipe",
  press: "Presse et annonces",
  terms: "Conditions d'utilisation",
  privacy: "Confidentialité"

Hey there.

These are files it might make sense to add to Duplication exclusions