False positive from java:S1105 in record class

“An open curly brace should be located at the end of a line”

I like to format code like this, but S1105 complains about the ) { for the record even though it is fine with the ) { for the method.

public record ExampleRecord(
  AReallyLongClassNameThatNecessitatesSplittingOntoMultipleLines a,
  AnotherReallyLongClassNameThatNecessitatesSplittingOntoMultipleLines b
) {
  public AReallyLongClassNameThatNecessitatesSplittingOntoMultipleLines abc(
    AReallyLongClassNameThatNecessitatesSplittingOntoMultipleLines b,
    AnotherReallyLongClassNameThatNecessitatesSplittingOntoMultipleLines c
  ) {
    return b;

It seems like it should either complain about both or neither. I’d prefer neither.

SonarQube * 9.7.1 (build 62043)
Java 17.0.4

Hey there.

You’re right, this is a false-positive! It’s tracked here ([SONARJAVA-4393] - Jira) and will be fixed as a part of SonarQube v10.0