Failing analysis ID: AXZI1mdfaGNv1LIM2RfH

I see a pass when viewing the branch, but get this message and our github hook will not allow this to merge because analysis pass doesn’t get back to our repo.

Note: we’ve kicked it a few times and still get the same behavior.

Any ideas?

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Can you please clarify how exactly you execute the analysis?
(And also, how exactly do you “kick it” again a few times.)

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The analysis has been executed automatically by making a commit into the PR. Usually when it fails, we can kick it from a link in github, but this one would only restart by merging another commit.

It has now finally succeeded, so it will be difficult to go back and figure this out. I’d love to know how to address it better in the future.

Can you clarify this part? I can imagine all kinds of links from GitHub, so this comment is not enough to narrow down the mechanism that you’re using for running analyses.

If you go to Adminstration / Background Tasks menu on SonarCloud, you can see the failed analyses, and if you click on the gear icon on the right, and select Show Error Details, that can give you clues about what went wrong.

In this example, it seems there was a timing issue with the analysis reports: an newer analysis report got processed before an older one. For example if a PR is analyzed at t1 and t2, and t2 gets processed first, then the processing of the report from t1 is rejected. This could possibly happen when two commits happen very close to each other in time, both triggering an analysis. Triggering the analysis again for the most recent commit should resolve the issue (assuming no other commits arrive in the meantime, causing another similar race condition). Since you say this didn’t happen, I’m trying understand how exactly the re-run was triggered.