Failing analysis ID AXYjzxM_4XcNIAi7vpB0


I am not sure why the analysis on my branch is failing. Any help would be appreciated

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Also failed on AXYj4Av2372XYcEmKUNe

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Hi @Kunal_Gupta

The code period that you set is not valid. Make sure that the version you set is well present and has been analyzed once. Otherwise you can set something else directly in the dedicated meny.


If you are an administrator of the project, the error message should link to the Background Tasks page (accessible from the Administration menu of the project), where you can use the gear icon at the right of the failed task to select Show Error Details which can tell more details.

If you are not an administrator, the error message should guide you to contact an administrator of the project.

As @mickaelcaro pointed out, in this example the New Code Period setting is invalid for the project. An administrator can fix this in the Administration / New Code menu.

I hope you were able to find and fix the issue, let us know if you need more help.

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